Satire & Parody

Facilitators: Mandy Henk & Vincent Konrad

Currently there are no laws in New Zealand to protect parody and satire from copyright claims. We will be looking at what purposes these art forms can serve and how copyright might affect their ability to serve those purposes, as well as how the law could be altered to better encourage free expression. 

Mandy Henk is a librarian, writer, and activist who accidentally fell into a copyright hole and hasn't managed to climb out yet. Author of the very much in copyright book Ecology, Economy, Equity: The Path to a Carbon Neutral Library (ALAEditions, 2014), she currently works for Creative Commons Aotearoa New Zealand working to open up information, enable legal sharing, and keep artists, teachers, and librarians on the right side of the law.

Vincent Konrad has been illustrating, drawing comics, and writing for many years now, and has published one book of comics, The Taken Upper Collection, as well as numerous zines including "The Newest Yorker," a parody of New Yorker cartoons, and "Vincent Needs Work," a collection of flippant job application cover letters. They are currently working on maps to accompany a satirical report on public spaces along the Wellington urban motorway.

Collaborative notes (Google Doc)

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