About NetHui

What is NetHui?

NetHui is a collection of New Zealand’s most diverse and interactive Internet community events. InternetNZ has helped bring the NetHui experience to New Zealanders interested in the future of the Internet since 2011 – they have been held in cities, towns and at your house via live streaming.

What happens at a NetHui?

A NetHui is about discussions, not presentations - participants set topics and lead conversations amongst all of the attendees. While there are plenary sessions with keynote speakers to bring participants together at the beginning and end of each day, most of a NetHui is dedicated to breakout sessions, often with multiple sessions running concurrently. This format deliberately creates smaller groups so more voices can be heard.

A NetHui feels very different to most events. The collaborative conversations between participants draws in views and expertise that is often overlooked. People share their own experiences as well as their expertise, so it is rare for a NetHui session to end without everyone feeling like they learned something new – even if they were experts in the topic to begin with.

Is NetHui for me?

Of course! NetHui is for everybody who has an interest in the challenges and vast opportunities the Internet presents, the policies and regulations around access and use of the Internet, or anyone that simply wants to talk about the Internet.

A NetHui is empowering for participants because everyone’s views, opinions and contributions are valued equally at NetHui. People of all ages, backgrounds, genders and ethnicities are encouraged to attend. A respectful, open attitude towards others is expected from all participants, speakers, exhibitors and volunteers. Put simply, if you’re looking for a safe, open, inclusive space to engage with your community about the Internet and all that goes with it, then NetHui will be your kind of place.

And if you can’t attend a NetHui in person, you can get involved in the conversation online: Every NetHui session is live-streamed, and we have live-chat so you can participate. We also have people making collaborative online notes of the sessions.

How is the programme for a NetHui decided upon?

To build a NetHui programme, the public are invited to submit ideas for the things they’d like to talk about. People with similar topics are linked up and asked to prepare and facilitate a conversation during a NetHui Breakout Session. The ideas raised by the community also inform the creation of panel discussion topics, and the invitation of panelists and keynote speakers, both of whom lead bigger discussions in NetHui plenaries. The programme development process starts months before a NetHui, to engage widely with the community and allow groups time to flesh out their topics and prepare.

How can I get involved with NetHui?

Participation is at the heart of every NetHui and there are a lot of different ways to get involved and/or share your ideas:

  • Learn more about sponsorship and community supporter opportunities by emailing
  • Propose ideas for locations, session topics, speakers, and more. 
  • If you can't attend in person, every event is live streamed so you can follow along and participate from anywhere.