See you soon West Coast!


We’re pleased to announce NetHui is heading to the West Coast as part of the 2018 NetHui Roadtrip. On 11 October we will host a one-day event in Greymouth.

Spokesperson for NetHui Greymouth - Mequa Hourston says Greymouth, and the wider West Coast region, is excited to welcome the NetHui Roadtrip in 2018.

“This is a great opportunity for our people to come together and talk about how we can make the most of the opportunities the Internet can offer our region.

“The West Coast is a unique place, stretching from Karamea in the north to Haast in the south. We’re bounded by the Southern Alps and Tasman Sea – making our home a stunning place to live and visit but also providing some unique challenges to communication and traditional business operations.

“Emerging Internet-based technology trends pose some exciting opportunities for us and we’re looking forward to talking through all the possibilities and challenges at NetHui later this year,” says Mequa Hourston.  

Soon we’ll be asking for people who want to get involved with shaping NetHui so make sure you keep an eye on our website.