Privacy's New Look

No privacy isn’t dead (again) but it has a new look that you need to build into your design processes

Facilitators: Paul Holmes, Fiona Colman, Nat Dudley

In the age of social media, information sharing and analytics, with massive data breaches seemingly every other day, privacy has been declared dead (again). Guess what… It’s not! In fact, privacy’s got a new look and it’s never looked better. We’ll discuss changing the way you think about privacy and how designing for trust by doing the right thing, in the right way, at the right time with information is a key to future success. We aim to leave you with some practical steps that you can use to build trust into your design processes and turn ‘doing privacy right’ into a competitive advantage.

Collaborative notes for Privacy's New Look (Google Doc)

Tags: Culture, Emerging Issues, Openness

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